youthbanner KoHuge is a combination of our senior and junior high ministries.  Kohezhen (kō-ˈhē-zhən) is the name of our Senior High ministry at Life Church.  Kohezhen is the idea of community that we want to instill in our high schoolers.  It is in community that we learn from and build each other up.  The Refuge is the name of our junior high ministry, which means that we are seeking God as our safe place. In KoHuge we want to prepare youth for their next phase of life by instilling in them a holistic view of their faith. i.e. What does it mean to (study, live, and think) like a Christian. Our goal is to teach youth to pray fervently, develop a heart for service, create a passion for God’s word, and show them how to live in community.

Kohezhen meets at the Blanchard Warrenville campus (30W251 Butterfield Road Warrenville, IL 60555) on Sunday nights at 7:00.  We would love to see you there.


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