Curt and Lisa Hughes

Celebration, Community, Direction


My Childhood ambition: NFL Runningback
My First Pet: Dog named Sweet Thang
My Favorite Food: Steak
My Church: Life Church


My Childhood ambition: Dentist
My First Pet: Dog named Nibbles
My Favorite Band: U2
My Church: Life Church

Currey & JJ Blandford

Education, Celebration, Youth


My Childhood Ambition: Play Baseball
My First Pet: C.C. (dog)
My Favorite Team: Cowboys
My Church: Life Church


My Childhood Ambition: Soap Opera Star
My First Pet: Ellie (dog)
My Favorite Movie::Princess Bride
My Church: Life Church

Dave & Rachel Wrigglesworth

Connection, Community, KidsLife


My Childhood Ambition: MLB Player
My First Pet: Lilly (a boy bunny)
My Favorite CD: Mat Kearney – Nothing Left to Lose
My Church: Life Church


My Childhood ambition: Bus Driver
My First Pet: Mittens (a cat)
My Brand of Toothpaste: Crest
My Church: Life Church

Chad & Kim Sasser

Celebration, CollegeLife


My Childhood Ambition: Pro Golfer
My First Pet: a dog
My Favorite Food: Texas Burger
My Church: Life Church


My Childhood Amb: 1st Woman Pres
My First Pet: a dog
My Favorite Genre: Choral Music
My Church: Life Church